Born 5-23-17 'Flint' is our up and coming Drum stallion and we could not be more proud of this boy. Not just because we bred him, but because we are confident that he'll add superb conformation and genetics to each Drum foal he produces. His first year standing will be 2020 and in addition to two of our Shire mares, we will be offering him to two or three other approved Clyde or Shire mares.

His color genetics are ee/aa/N/Sb1/N/W20/Lp/N which means he is chestnut and carries one copy of the sabino gene, one copy of the Lp gene (appy pattern) and one copy of W20 and he can throw any or all of these to his offspring. He offers a wide array of unique and beautiful color possibilities! 

Flint has the temperament, correct conformation, size, hair, and unique color to produce fantastic Drum foals and we are looking forward to his first in 2021!

He is available live cover only in 2020 to approved Shire and Clydesdale mares for Drum breeding, as well as other draft and light breeds for a warmblood type. If you are interested in adding some Flint genetics to your Drum breeding program, contact us today!

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